Friday, May 15, 2009

Beachy Morning on Mustang Island

Its a beautiful morning on
Mustang Island. (Port Aransas, TX)
After spending the night at the Beach Lodge, its time for a walk on the beach.
The water feels soooooo good.

The tide is going out and there's lots of interesting things on the sand. I see many egg casings of the Lightning Whelk, our state shell.

Here's some Sargassum with a Portuguese Man of War.

I found a tiny seahore struggling on the sand.
I gently put him back in deeper water.
I hope he made it.

Here's some shells I picked up. Maybe they'll become jewelry. Now its time for breakfast.


I'm Julia said...

What a lovely day of beachcombing! I've always thought it intriguing that the Man O'Wars are so pretty.

CK said...

Aw, I love the seahorse. I'm glad you were able to rescue him! I hope he made it back to deeper waters. :-)