Sunday, April 19, 2009

Texas Sand Fest 2009

In 2001, the Texas Legislature voted us the official Texas Sand Sculpture Festival. SandFest is now one of the largest beach events in Texas and o
ne of the largest sand sculpturing competitions in the United States.
SandFest brings in over 100,000 people over those three days each year. The people attending "SandFest" are families who love the event and continue to return every year. They respect the event and the environment and the beach is actually cleaner after "SandFest" than it was before the event.


Madam Tang said...

Wow! Great blogging and photos!

I'm Julia said...

Sand artists are so amazing. They accomplish their works so quickly, only to have them quickly washed away. Looks like a great event!

Martha said...

Great photos and interesting facts but ya gotta love that dog with the rose colored sunglasses.