Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sandy Sunday

You roll down the window
And even before you see it
You smell that salty, ocean scent
You already know your there
At the beach

As you walk on the shore
You see the sky red as the sun sits on the water
You feel the sand filling the gaps between your toes
You hear the soothing sounds of the waves
At the beach

Some claim to see the most wondrous things

Like beautiful mermaids sitting on rocks
Or the mysterious Loch Ness Monster
And even the lost city of Atlantis
At the beach

(From: At The Beach by Khalid)

You might find some sea glass or a sand dollar


I'm Julia said...

What a wonderful post & pics :-) I love your handmade sand dollar, Norma.

Martha said...

I WANT THAT BEACH. So beautiful... I needed this.