Saturday, July 4, 2009

Uno Goes Home

Uno the Loggerhead Turtle heads for the Gulf of Mexico after rehabilitating at the ARK (Animal Rehabilitation Keep) at the Univ. of TX Marine Science Center in Port Aransas, TX. He was found, very ill, in the surf on May 1. A second Loggerhead, Ashley, found on May 27, was also released. A crowd gathered to watch them go.

The ARK was started in the early 80's when, in the course of his research, Tony Amos began to find injured sea turtles and aquatic birds on the beaches and in the local environment.
In the beginning there were only a few animals a year, but the program has grown into an organization that handles about 600 animals each year and has become an important rehabilitation facility on the Texas Coast.
The ARK of today specializes in marine turtles and birds of the South Texas coast and is the only facility that goes to rescue many of the animals. Volunteers rescue and rehabilitate animals primarily from Mustang, North Padre Islands and nearby towns.

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I'm Julia said...

Yay for Uno! He looks great. And yay for all the wonderful folks who assisted in his rehab! Happy 4th!