Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Turtle Trail 2008

Welcome to Turtle Trail 2008!

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In September 2006, Kris Wimer, owner of an art gallery on North Padre Island, created a fund raiser for the endangered Kemp's Ridley Turtle called Turtle Trail 2006. Inspired by the Chicago Cows, Bears in Lake Tahoe and Dolphins in Corpus Christi, painted aluminum turtles were the art objects that were sold for the benefit of the Kemp's Ridley Recovery Program at the Padre Island National Seashore. Forty seven turtles were auctioned the next April and 100% of the proceeds, over $49,000, went to the Recovery Project.

Turtle Trail 2008 will benefit the Port Aransas Animal Rehabilitation Keep, or more commonly known as The ARK. The ARK is well known for their tireless efforts to save injured sea turtles and seabirds, as well as research for their well being. Friends of the ARK is a tax exempt, non-profit corporation, organized exclusively for the prevention of cruelty to animals. It's primary purpose is to raise funds for the rescue of injured, sick and abused wildlife that will be rehabilitated, maintained at The ARK, and released back to their natural wildlife habitat or other licensed facility. Members of the organization are looking forward to working with Kris on this new adventure! Friends of the ARK, through Turtle Trail 2008 will have 40 sculptures for sale on November 8th at the Great Turtle Release Auction, in Port Aransas.


AccentEnvy said...

Amazing talent. Those turtles remind me of Crush from Finding Nemo. He is my fave. I love that movie.

Debbie Gootter said...

Such amazing work

AltheaP said...

These are great, and such a win-win situation to raise money and give local artists greater exposure. We had painted red wolves here in Raleigh a few years ago.