Friday, April 11, 2008

Etsy Artists Fun Upcycles

Many artists recycle/upcycle today. Its the thing to do. Here are a few more creative & fun ways by some Etsy artists.

Fun Popcorn Box Clock
by Imotime.

Altoid Can Compact Four by silhouettes.

WHISTLE Brown Albita

G I Jane Camouflage Lego Charm Bracelet
by upcycleme.

Cheese Cracker Original Spiral Bound
Recycled / Upcycled

Journal Notebook - Cheesy Goodness
by ivylanedesigns.

Mad Magazine Game Notebook
by theScenicRoute.


MELANIE said...

Love these! So creative.

Heather Buchanan said...

These are great!!! Thanks for sharing.

Estefania Nava said...

They are wonderful products that keep trash from landfills :)

Mannybeads said...

You have great taste! (at least according to me...)
I think I've hearted all of these etsiers...

GracieBird said...

Nice way to showcase fellow Etsians!

Nnairda's said...

Gotta love that altoid tin! Nice blog. Followed you from This Old Hen's blog.